We pride ourselves on providing affordable drinks and snacks in our small cafe. We stock a range of snacks with prices ranging from 50p to £1.50. We also have a coffee machine offering an assortment of bean to cup coffee as well as cold drinks.

We offer breakfast snacks including toast, crumpets, tea cakes as well as fresh fruit and yogurt. Additionally, we also offer a snack basket for the children which consists of: a sandwich, crisps, yogurt or piece of cheese, a seasonal piece of fruit and a drink all for £4.20.

As we are now providing a large selection of food and drink, all customers are prohibited from bringing in their own from home. Children are still welcome to bring in their own water bottle. As a play centre we have regular customers who have severe allergies, some of which are airborne and some are triggered by contact. We also record what allergens are in the products we sell, please ask if you wish to see this list.

Please can we also take this opportunity to remind customers that children have to remain seated whilst consuming food bought on site.

As a play centre we are governed by the food safety standards, please help us to adhere to these standards.’

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